Robert Baham Photography

If you live in, or will be visiting the Boston Area,
and you are interested in working with me, read on.

Nearly all of the models I work with are non-professional. Many have
never been in front of a camera before. While I pay my models
for their time, the women I work with are not doing this primarily
for the money.

An a priori willingness to stand naked in front of a camera is not a
requisite to working with me. However, the body, ( head, hands, and feet included) is an important part of my work. An open mind is essential.

If you feel that you have some unique personal qualities:
Beauty ( though not necessarily of a conventional sort)

Intelligence ( success in this is a least 51% intelligence)

A story to tell (a complex and faceted internal life)

and you think that this opportunity may be of interest to you, please
take a few minutes and fill out the Model Response Form I receive a
large number of inquiries, and it's the only way I have to keep things organized.

*I pay a stipend of $20-$30 an hour to all with whom I work. Models are
also given varying number of prints, and/or digital images from our
work together.


"i am still working on finding that place within that can let me be comfortable in my skin and reflect that in the lens of a camera. i want to work with someone who can capture the moment properly when it happens and not miss the point because of impure motives. your work reflects your ability to do this properly, and your models reflect their trust in you to reveal their beauty in safety."

April 5, 2009

"Wow...October 2009. Four years has gone by incredibly fast. Are you still shooting beautiful young women, inspiring them to be more lovely and sexy than they ever imagined they could be? I certainly hope so."


September 19, 2013